Want to start doing FEES?


Are you dying to start doing FEES?
But have no clue where to start?

Make sure you check out this post for all of the details.

Ok Step 1, you need to take a basic 2day ASHA CEU course. No idea where to take one of those? Look down below. (This list is NOT exhaustive! These are just all of the ones that I am aware of for 2021, if you know of other course offerings, just let me know, I’ll be glad to add them to the list!)



JANUARY 29, 2021: Introduction to FEES – Jackson MS – contact Eric at

FEBRUARY 27, 2021: Basic FEES Course – Tampa, FL – contact Eric at
MARCH 21, 2021: Advanced FEES course – Tampa FL – contact Eric at
APRIL 10, 2021: Introduction to FEES – Yonkers NY – contact Eric at
APRIL 24, 2021: Basic FEES Course – Cincinnati, OH – contact Eric at
MAY 6, 2021: Introduction to FEES – Oklahoma City, OK – contact Eric at
MAY 8, 2021: Basic FEES Course – Long Island, NY – contact Eric at
MAY 9, 2021: Advanced FEES course – Yonkers NY – contact Eric at
JUNE 5, 2021: Introduction to FEES – Tampa FL – contact Eric at
JULY 31, 2021: Introduction to FEES – Yonkers NY – contact Eric at

Once you’ve taken the basic course, you will need to follow up with a mentor to perform supervised passes until you’ve achieved the ASHA clinical competencies for FEES.

Are you interested in starting your own mobile FEES company?

If you could ask me anything at all about owning your own company, what would it be? I’m working on a new blog post and would like to answer everything.

Ask me anything about mobile FEES!

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